General requirements for SC FIVE RENT CAR SRL car rentals:

The client is kindly asked to read and confirm the contract approval and signing the Rental Cars Agreement. This must meet all the requirements below. The owner has the right to refuse a rental car without any explanations.

Client Age: The client and designated drivers, mentioned in this rental car agreement must be at least 21 years and must have a valid driving license, with more than 1 year experience.

Payment: Prices for rental cars are decided in Euro and include the VAT and the insurance to the third parties. Cash payment will be done in advance, in $, EUR or RON, at the exchange rate of the day of payment. Payment by credit card is accepted on the basis of commission as follows: for Visa, Master Card is 2.5% and for American Express 4.5%. To the rental car delivery is required a guarantee of 200-800 Euro, depending on the brand of the rented car. Guarantee will not be returned to the client in cases of damage occurring inside or outside the car which was rented in good working condition, with all the papers, with all the accessories fitted to the rented car, according to the signed handover on car delivery.

Guarantee is detained to the customer:

1. improper operation of the rental car, and also the damage brought to the engine, to the gearbox or to the differential due to lower oil level or overheating;

2. damage brought to the tires by cutting

3. damage due to the electrical system components overload;

4. damages of any kind caused to the rental car as a result of driving on flooded roads;

5. damage on any subsystems or components of the car as a result of not following the traffic safety rules as well as rules on luggage and their arrangement during transportation;

6. damage on seat boards, carpet, stuffing and on other inside elements of the car;

7. damage on car as a consequence of its use in races, competitions or training;

8. damage on car if:

• the accident was caused by negligence; Casco franchise

• the accident was caused because of driving under the influence of alcohol, drugs or other substances that may affect the driver\\\\\\\'s concentration and ability to drive, as well as during other crimes on public roads, although these facts did not happened on public roads or while committing other law violations;

• accident has happened, and the person responsible is trying to shirk;

• theft or just the tentative, unconfirmed by Police or if the police did not receive any complaints about breakage or burglary tentative; if people from the client\\\\\\\'s family are involved in theft or theft tentative or, in the case of legal persons, of the designated person.

Fuel and oil:

Fuel is not included in price and this is the customer responsibility. Rental car is delivered being filled with ¼ diesel or petrol minimum, to be returned in the same condition. When car rental is returned, for the lack of fuel  indicated on board, the difference is calculated and is paid by the customer to a price of 1.5 euro \\\\\\\\ liter. Oil and car rental maintenance is the rental car owner\\\\\\\'s job.

Car return and hand-over:

Rental car delivery and return is done at the place, date and time set up by the customer and specified in the Rental Car Agreement without additional cost or charges across Bucharest. Rental car hire delivery and return can be also done in other locations from the country with the owner approval and based on an agreed price. Rental car will be handed over to the client in good overall condition with no visible or hidden failures, any information on the demonstration conditions of the car is made ​​in the contract. Customer will return the rental vehicle with its papers, accessories and equipment at the place, date and time specified in the Rental Cars Agreement. In case of announced delays of up to an hour, no additional charges are levied. When returning the rental car with an announced delay between one to three hours before the time specified in the Rental Cars Agreement is charged an additional fee for a half-day rental and for delays of more than 3 hours is charged an additional fee for one day rent. To the rental expiration date, the agreement becomes void if not otherwise agreed. Rented car is declared to the police as being stolen if the delay is not announced.


Rental Car Usage:

Customer agrees to drive the rented vehicle following the legal provisions regarding the public road rules. The car will be driven only on National or European Roads, properly marked. The rented car is not allowed to be driven  on unpaved, unmarked country roads,  woods or forest roads.

• always keep the car keys and the reinforcement to you when he is not inside the rental car and will not give to another person who is not included in the rental car agreement.

• will not use the rental car for races, tests, or for pushing or towing other vehicles or trailers.

• will perform repairs on the rental car only in authorized garages and only under the owner’s consent and instructions, payment of the works performed will be reimbursing on the invoice issued on behalf of the owner, together with the estimate of repairs.

• will not leave the car opened (doors, windows, trunk) with keys in the ignition

• will use the rental vehicle in accordance with the workbook of the rented vehicle issued by its manufacturer.

Insurance for rental cars:

The car has CASCO insurance with franchise between 200 and 800 euro

Insurance is accompanied by the following documents, in case of an accident is required to be declared to the police who will determine the damages and will release the necessary papers in case of accident, damage or theft:

• The police report with police signiture and stamp

• Specification whether was driving or not under the alcohol influence

• Authorization for repairs accompanied by the agent name and police stamp

These documents are indispensable for the insurance and vehicle repair. Without these documents, the customer is responsible for the repair costs.

Traffic fines:

All traffic fines resulting from non-compliance with Romanian law in place by the customer will be borne by him , including also the afterwards fines (ex.radar, parking, etc).

After the date stipulated in the rental agreement SC 5 Rent SRL Company has the right to pick up its rental car even without the client\\\\\\\'s consent.